Coronavirus Statement

13th March 2020

The following information details the precautions we are taking at Hook Infant School regarding the  Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

As with other schools in England and Wales, we are following the Department for Education’s guidance, which can be found at the following link:

We are closely following any updates from the Government and NHS on what precautions we need to take. Currently we are constantly reminding children to wash their hands for 20 seconds and checking that this is happening. Our cleaning company are paying additional attention to touch points (door handles, push panels, etc) around the school and all class teachers have been issued with anti-bacterial wipes to clean their touchscreens, laptops and pupil PC’s on a daily basis. Mr West is cleaning all of our Computing laptops, tablets, handheld accessories and other equipment with touch based interfaces such as handsets, photocopiers and printers, also on a daily basis. As from Monday 16 March, we will be asking all visitors to wash their hands when they enter the school.

We are also preparing for a possible future lock-down as part of the Government's "Delay Phase" to control of the Corona Virus Pandemic. If the school is forced to close, we are currently preparing work for the children to complete from home and we will also be delivering lessons via our online platform Purple Mash. All pupils will receive replacement login cards to ensure everyone has the ability to log in to Purple Mash. These will be attached to your child's reading record books or in their bags. If you find that the login card did not make it home, please email with the subject header "Purple Mash Login" and we will ensure you receive your child's login credentials.

To access Purple Mash you can click on the link to go to our school's login page or browse to

We also have a link to our Purple Mash portal on our website, which can be found at:

Children using Purple Mash can use any activity, especially if it is related to their current topic, but teachers will also be setting 2Dos. These will appear in your child’s 2Do folder which can be found in the top left corner of the website, next to the Purple Mash Home button (see image below).

Any work assigned by your child’s class teachers will appear in the 2Do folder like the image below. Click start to complete the task and the teacher will be able to check the work when completed or submitted, so just follow the instructions in the activity.

We will not be sending out any 2Dos until we receive a notification to say that we need to close, so please watch Parentmail and our website for further updates.