Family Groups

We are so excited to continue our whole school Family Group sessions across the school this term. The children have finally been able to explore different parts of the school, including Year R, Year One and Year Two, meeting new teachers from different year groups and make new friends from all the classes alongside their own brothers and sisters for some Friday afternoon fun! Each teacher has invited a small group of children from each class across the school to join them for different weekly activities and games including teamwork tasks, mindfulness yoga, sharing stories, puzzle time and encouraging and developing social skills through talk-time together. The children are able to make new friends from all across the school and enjoy spending time together building and growing new relationships with one another. This term our focus is to celebrate our whole school values of respectful rabbits, courageous cats, persevering pandas, teamwork tigers and kind koalas. After the half term we will continue to support mental health and well-being, physical health and promoting positive relationships.

Positive comments from the children include:

‘Family groups is a place to have fun, meet new teachers and spend time with brothers and sisters and get to meet new people’

‘I like getting to see my sister and listen and learn with new people’

‘you get to meet your family and friends and meet my sister’s friends’

‘you get to see other people that you didn’t know’

‘we do teamwork things and meet new friends and other people’s families’

‘You get to spend time with different children in different year groups’