Hook B-Lines and Hog Highways

Hook Infant School is part of a green 'island' in the centre of Hook. We want to make this green heart of Hook a hub to spread out wildlife corridors in all directions, linking habitats via gardens and parks and out beyond into the wider countryside, including the nearby Hook Common and Bartley Heath SSSI and the Whitewater Meadows and Bassett's Mead SANGs.
We have two main types of corridor we want to create, "Hook B-Lines" a patchwork of pollinator zones, and "Hog Highways" linking up hedgerows and other shrubby areas to gardens and open spaces for wildlife. 
St John the Evangelist Church, next to Hook Infant School has expressed interest in joining us in this project and we will be reaching out to other organisations to consolidate the "Heart of Hook" as the main hub for Hook B-Lines and Hog Highways.  This will hopefully help create wildlife super highways across Hook.
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