Big Wild Weekend 18-19 June

15th June 2022
Big Wild Weekend is on the 18 and 19 June!

The Wildlife Trusts have announced that the Big Wild Camp-out is back on Saturday 18th June.
"We're asking all of our 30 Days Wild-ers to camp out in your garden or living room and soak up the sights and sounds of nature at night. You could take part in the camp-out with your family and note down 5 nature spots/observations you make to share with your class on Monday. You could also observe how nature changes in the night-time. If you want to see what your fellow 30 Days Wild-ers are up to, join our Big Wild Camp-out Facebook group.

After spending an exciting evening camping, on Sunday 19th June at 6pm, we're hosting the Big Wild Quiz online with our wonderful ambassadors Sophie Pavelle and David Oakes! This quiz is family-friendly and nature-themed. You can take part at home and test your nature knowledge."
Find out more on the Big Wild Weekend webpage