Letter from Mrs Walker - 15 Jan 2021

15th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As this week draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support with the home learning and ‘all things new’. It has been lovely to see the learning activities that your children have been doing at home, along with your positive comments about the work we are providing for your children. We do appreciate the huge effort you are putting into supporting your child’s learning, but please do not worry if there are times when you are unable to complete a task and also don’t feel that every bit of work your child does has to be on a printed ‘worksheet’ as a piece of paper is fine. The government has advised that for KS1 children 3 hours a day of remote learning time is suitable and less for our Year R children.

As ever, we continue to review and revise our remote learning provision and I am pleased to say that after some ‘trial and error’ we can now begin to replace our PDF flipcharts, in the year group home learning folders on our website, with recorded lessons for you to access as and when convenient for you and your family. We are acutely aware that juggling home learning with work and other commitments you may have during the day is a challenge and we are trying to make it as manageable for us all as possible. For this coming week there will be a couple of recorded lessons across KS1 and EYFS whilst we continue to get to grips ourselves with this way of working, and it is our aim to up this offer for all year groups over the next couple of weeks. Our live face-to-face Microsoft Teams sessions will continue weekly on a Friday as it’s a wonderful way to see your children and find out from them how they are getting on.
In addition to this, we have also added an additional tab under the COVID home learning section of our website where myself and Mrs Hannan will be posting a weekly recorded assembly for the children. Mrs Hannan’s assembly for next week is now up and running so please take a look!

With best wishes for the weekend.

Mrs M Walker