Lockdown Maths Learning at Home

Maths is an subject we teach daily in school. There are many different areas of mathematics and so you may feel a little unsure with where to start. Two excellent resources for maths that have been made available to you are White Rose maths and BBC Bitesize daily. Both of these websites are producing daily maths lessons for children in Year 2. 
In addition to this there are many practical maths activities that you can do with your children, some ideas for these are below:
• Telling the time to o'clock, ½ past , ¼ past and ¼ to the hour. Once they are confident with this 5 minute intervals e.g. five past, ten past ect.
• Mental calculations to add or take away numbers to 20.  Then extending to numbers to 100.
• Counting patterns 2,5 and 10. Leading to repetition of times tables up to 10x. Once confident with these extending to 3 times tables. Find pairs or equal groups of items to count at home.
• Create a shop and price each item. Find different combinations of coins for each amount. Find change up to and including £1. eg. 20p, 50p, 75p etc