Forest Friends ~ Trailblazers

4th October 2019
Although we have always had a good outdoor learning provision at Hook Infant School, we have been working over the last couple of terms to extend this and integrate it in other areas of school management. We decided to create a name for our outdoor learning activities to identify how and where we are using these activities around the school and in the curriculum and held a competition to create a logo. The winning logo created by Isabelle Evans can be seen above.
This term we are hoping to extend this and create a steering group of staff and pupils to look at all areas of the school such as recycling, healthy living, grounds management and biodiversity. This will help to drive forward future management of the school and our outdoor learning. 
We have now created a page for Hook Forest Friends ~ Trailblazers for the outside world to follow our activities, projects and management plans. You can find this page in our curriculum section of the website or by clicking hereIt is currently just a holding page, but watch this space for more news.
You can also check our Wild Things page to follow the activities of our school wildlife group, or download resources/activities for you to do at home.