This page has files you may want to download to support your child's learning.
If your child hasn't started school yet, take a look at these resources, and also our page about the Hook Infant School Bears.
This social story will help your child to prepare for starting at school.
You could also watch this video together.
If your child has already started school, these resources should help you to support your child with their learning.
You could print these off to support your child with Phonics at home.
At school your child will have access to a sound card to support them with writing, this is the one we use at school.
If your child does something amazing at home, we would love to know about it!  You could fill in a WOW moment and send it in with your child so that we can celebrate it at school.
The pictures on this sheet are all ones your child should be able to spell accurately with the sounds they have been taught in Phonics at school.
These are number tracks from 1 to 20, which you can use at home.  You could cut the numbers up and ask your child to match them to a complete number track, or use them to as a visual guide to aid counting.
This shows you all the Early Learning Goals that your child is working towards over their time in Year R.