Spring Term 2018

25 Jan 2018
We started the first session of the Spring Term Wild Things looking at birds as the following weekend was the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch survey. We had a walk around the school to look at our different habitats and then returned to the class to make kebab bird feeders as a special treat for the birds in our gardens.
The children used rubber coated garden wire to skewer their own mix of bread, cheese and fruit to create a circlet to hang in their gardens. We managed to take a couple of photos, but the session was far too frenetic to get everyone's photo. We will try to upload the photos at a later date.
1 Feb 2018
We decided to follow up last weeks kebab session with some bird watching. We are extremely lucky that a very generous parent donated some binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes to the school which were unsalable items and returns. These are more than usable by Wild Things and the children absolutely loved using these despite the cold weather.
8 Feb 2018
We finished off the first half of Spring Term by building our own fence to section off a small area of Wild Things Wood (a rather pretentious name for a small plot of unused land in the corner of the school grounds). We wanted to create a small space within the "woods" that remained untouched and allowed to grow wild, that we can then compare with other habitats.
Staff hammered in the fence posts to create the fence line prior to the session and the children used coppiced hazel and similar branches to weave between the posts to form the barrier. We will try to encourage ivy and other plants to grow over the fence to create yet another habitat.
The children loved the activity and were really great at picking up the idea, as you can see from the pics below. Watch this space, just in case we decide to make our own country crafts/landscaping business and start taking orders ;)
22 Feb 2018
Todays session focused on toads. We watched a video on the life cycle of frogs and explained that frogs and toads have a very similar life cycle.
We also watched a video about making Toad Abodes and a flipchart on facts about toads and how we can help them.
We then split into three groups that took turns at the following activities:
  • One group took out the binoculars and a spotting scope to try a little birdwatching to see what birds were around.
  • the second group went on a scavenging hunt to collect materials to add to a toad abode the children will make next week.
  • the third group created a Toad Fact File using information in the classroom.
Unfortunately we didn't take any photos this week as we were very busy, but we have put some links below that we looked at today.
Next week the children will be following up this weeks work by completing their fact files and making their own Toad Abode out of air drying clay and using their scavenged materials to customise it. The children will bring home their finished Toad Abodes the following week when they have dried out.
Thursday 1st March
As we missed the last Wild Things session due to snow, we made our "Toad Abodes" this week. The children had great fun rolling out a circle of clay, draping it over a paper bowl form and then decorating their 'abode' with their scavenged objects and the decorative stones we supplied. The Toad Abodes will dry over the coming week and will come home with the children after the next session. We will be pre-warning the children that some of the stones and objects may come loose on the journey home, but they can always be glued on later. We will also send home a Toad Abode housing guide to help you find a safe place and how to add any finishing touches so your toads (or any other animals that decide to move in) will be snug in their new homes.
We have added a few photos from todays session below.