Website updates

28th March 2019
We are making some changes to the website, such as the use of a PDF viewer for Newsletters and using thumbnail images for news articles to make it easier to navigate to the information you need.   
We will be looking at other ways to improve user experience, but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Email us at with "Website suggestion" as the subject.
29/03/2019 Additional info: We have noticed that some mobile browsers cannot access 'in-line' PDFs, but will get an option to download. However, users of Firefox for Android do not seem to get the option to download the PDF and will only see a blank screen. Until we can find a work around for this issue, Firefox for Android users will have to use an alternative browser to download our Newsletters which are using the in-line pdf option.
Please contact us if you experience any difficulties with any other browsers or operating systems.