Year 1 Computing: 2DIY Games Spring 2018

Year 1 have been working with Purple Mash to create a 2D catching game. They have created their games using the 2Do It Yourself app by working collaboratively in pairs.

  • They used the tools and navigated the range of menus
  • Created their background
  • Used clipart for sprites, rewards and penalties
  • Added sound to their rewards and penalties
  • Changed the point values
  • Typed up their instructions if they had time
The children completed all of these tasks over two sessions, which amounts to roughly one hour at the keyboard. The children learnt some valuable digital literacy skills, saving and retrieving their work and using the enter, backspace and shift keys to edit their text. Unfortunately we did lose some of their progress where children became confused between opening and saving, but its all part of the children's learning in these early stages of computing.
We have provided links to the playable games on the right. The games work best using the arrow keys to move the character to the left or right to catch (or avoid) the falling objects. Some children have added rewards as well as penalties amongst the falling objects, but as we gave them free reign over their content you may have to work this out ;)
We hope you have lots of fun playing them.