Year R - Overview

Letter sent to parents regarding home learning - this has a daily timetable.
For weekly updates for remote learning, please see the links on the left (or in the drop down menu on mobile devices) for a two week rolling timetable.
We are also uploading videos of weekly Assemblies at
*Also see the weekly timetable in the menu**
There are lots of ways you can support learning at home.  If you have seen our Phonics or Maths Workshops, you will have had the chance to find out about some ideas.  There are some websites available to access with good ideas - the phonics ones have been shared with you in workshops.   It's always best to check that they are based on the UK curriculum rather than anywhere else, especially with phonics.  Click on the links below to visit some websites you may find useful.
Additional information for lockdown
To support parents during lockdown, we have done the following -
  • Provided weekly plans of what to do with your child at home.
  • Ideas on this website - you could also click on the Curriculum tab at the top and then find the Year R pages.
  • A Facebook page (Hook Infant School Year R) with optional activities.
  • Optional 2Dos on Purple Mash.

*   *   *
Well done to all our fantastic parents who are trying so hard to juggle working from home and helping their children with home learning. You are all doing an amazing job!
Here are some extra tips for you ...

• If you are doing some writing with your child, help them to become independent by letting them have a go themselves. Encourage them to use the sounds they know (even if this is not the correct spelling e.g. at this stage in writing, ‘skait’ is an acceptable spelling of ‘skate’ because your child has used phase 3 phonics), and the tricky words they should know. There are resources on the school website that will help with this. If they make a mistake, think about whether it is something they should have spelt correctly before you point it out to them - if they have used their phonic knowledge to spell a word, they have done well! We know it can be very tempting to correct what your child has written, but we also know that children can easily become reluctant writers if they think an adult will point out all their mistakes.
• Don’t forget that we LOVE seeing things on Tapestry! We love seeing your child having fun as well as seeing them doing learning.
We hope that this will help all our fantastic parents. If you have any specific questions, you can write them as an observation on Tapestry. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

General Sites


National Geographic has some interesting facts about the world around us.


Nature Detectives has a lot of ideas you can do in the garden, in the park or on a walk.


Pawprint badges provide free downloadable packs of activities for various topics.  When your child has completed these you can opt to pay for a special badge.


There are different Blue Peter badges that you can work towards.  Once you send in your letter to show what your child has done towards the badge, they will receive a badge and card which can give you entry discounts at some UK attractions.


Red Ted Art is aimed at Early Years children.  It has a wide range of ideas for art activities.


The Imagination Tree is aimed at Early Years children.  There are lots of ideas covering a variety of subject areas.


Search for Numberblocks on YouTube - there are lots of good videos to support to support maths teaching.



Phonics Sites
Oxford Owls has online reading books to share with your child.
Teach Your Monster to read is free (on computers).  There are lots of phonic activities to help your child in a fun way.
Nessy is aimed at children with Dyslexia, but is useful for all children.  It is a subscription site.
Phonics Play has some free and some subscription games, all aimed at supporting the different phases of phonics.
Phonics Bloom is similar to Phonics Play, with a range of free and subscription games to support phonics learning.
You Tube is a good place to search for phonics videos.  Be aware of which are English though - American phonics is taught differently and the letters and digraphs may not be pronounced the same.  Alphablocks is very good as is Mr Thorne.
Another good site for phonics is



 Funky Fingers
If you are supporting learning at home, please follow the following ...
Monday - teach letter formation of first letter
Tuesday - dough gym
Wednesday - teach letter formation of second letter
Thursday - practise cutting skills
This is the order of letters  -
week 1 - c, a
week 2 - d, o
week 3  - s,g
week 4 - q,e
week 5 - f, l
week 6 - i,t
Dough gym - your child will need some dough to squeeze.  You can watch a video to guide you.  These can be done in any order and repeated if they are favourites.  There are many videos available on YouTube, just search for 'dough gym' and pick one you would like to do.
Cutting skills - your child will need a pair of child appropriate scissors.  You can use any scrap paper for this.  Please read the following document for ideas.