Year R News

Check this page regularly to see what we are learning about in school and how you can support your child's learning.
General Information
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting their child by sharing the reading scheme book regularly at home.  Children who read often become confident readers.  Please remember to write in the Reading Diary so we know what you have been doing at home.
We do many reading activities at school in addition to hearing the children read. We will also change books when you have read them at home as we know that this can help to keep children motivated.  If you would like your child's book changed, please pop it in the box by the gate in the morning.  Any books left in there will be changed that day.  To help stop the books getting in a muddle, please put the reading book, reading record (and nothing else) inside your child's zippy bag, before putting it in the box.  Thank you!
Although we have already started PE lessons, we would like to start having the children changed into PE kits after half term.  Please send your child into school dressed ready for PE as we will not be able to get children changed at school.  We recommend that children wear trainers (rather than plimsolls) as these will provide better support for their feet.  Please also ensure your child is warm enough - tracksuits bottoms would be a good idea.  PE days are as follows -
Butterfly and Dragonfly - Tuesday
Bumblebee and Ladybird - Wednesday
Library books
Please return Library books on your child's Library days -
Butterfly - Tuesday
Dragonfly - Friday
Bumblebee - Wednesday
Ladybird - Thursday
Topic Information
7/14th December
Over the two weeks, we will be learning about Christmas.  We would love to know how you celebrate in your family!  Please send us some photos on Tapestry.
In Phonics we will be revising Phase 2 sounds, cvc words and tricky words.
We will be trying to link our Maths to Christmas and use all the maths we have learnt so far.
30 November
This week we will try to become Eco Warriors!  You could help by asking your child to sort recycling with you.  You could watch The Lorax together, or read "Dinosaurs and all that rubbish".
In Phonics we will be practising tricky words.
In Maths we will be exploring one more and one less.
23 November
This week we will continue to explore Space!
Why not read "QPootle5" or "Here come the aliens"?
In Phonics we will be learning y,z,zz,qu.
In Maths we will be finding out about 4 and 5.
16 November 2020
Our topic is Space this week.  We will be finding out astronauts and how they get into space.
In Phonics we will be learning j, v,w,x.
In Maths we will be learning about 1,2,3.  We will find out how to represent these numbers as well as counting and comparing sets.
9 November 2020
This week we will learning about night and day and Diwali. 
At home, you could support this by talking about your daytime and nighttime routines.  You could also find out about Diwali.  If you celebrate Diwali at home, you could add pictures to Tapestry for us to share at school.
In Phonics we will be learning f, ff, l, ll.
In Maths we will be thinking about numbers and linking numbers to the sets we have counted.
2 November 2020
This week will be finding out about Fireworks and colours.  If you watch any fireworks this week, don't forget to share this with us.
In Phonics we will be learning about h,b, ss.
In Maths we will be learning about Night and Day.

20 October 2020
This week our topic is about remembering people.  Later in the week will be learning about Guru Nanak. You could help at home by looking though family photos and thinking about all the people you remember even if you don't see them very often.
In Phonics we will be learning the sounds ck, e, u and r.
In Maths we will be investigating patterns.