School Council

The School Council is an organisation that has been set up to allow the 'ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way a school is run' (Save the children, 1999).

It aims to give children a voice, allow pupils to feel valued by staff and peers and to develop essential skills such as confidence, communication and the role of responsibility.

Each elected Council Member is allocated a class within the school that they liaise with. The Council members ask children in their assigned class for comments on specific issues that are then raised in School Council meetings. The results of School Council meetings are held half termly, within which there is a focus of discussion and debate.

The School Council members are recognised by the rest of the children as representatives that they can go to with ideas to improve the school and make it even better. Previous points of action have been designing the playground markings; selecting a healthy lunchbox menu; and posing as 'Buddies' on the playground for other children to play with.

Those involved in the School Council really enjoy the responsibility and have lots of fun.