Year R Information

Check this page regularly to see what we are learning about in school and how you can support your child's learning.
General Information
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting their child by sharing the reading scheme book regularly at home.  Children who read often become confident readers.  Please remember to write in the Reading Diary so we know what you have been doing at home.
We do many reading activities at school in addition to hearing the children read. We will also change books when you have read them at home as we know that this can help to keep children motivated.  If you would like your child's book changed, please pop it in the box by your child's classroom in the morning.  Any books left in there will be changed that day.  To help stop the books getting in a muddle, please put the reading book, reading record (and nothing else) inside your child's zippy bag, before putting it in the box.  Thank you!
PE days are as follows -
 Ladybird and Dragonfly - Tuesday
Bumblebee and Butterfly - Wednesday
Please make sure your child has a PE bag in school, with a white t-shirt and blue/black shorts.  PE bags will be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed.
Library books
Please check outside your classroom to see what day your child's Library book change day is.  Books need to be returned on this day so they can be changed.
Supporting your child at home.
Supporting your child with learning at home will help them to develop as a confident learner.  In addition to hearing your child read as often as possible, you could also access the following activities and resources ...
Learn the Jolly Phonics songs and actions.  The easiest way to find these is to search for them on YouTube.
Sing the 'Tricky Words' songs.  You can find these here -
Watch the Alphablockas and Numberblocks videos ...
Use the White Rose Maths site to help you follow what we are doing at school.
Use the Purple Mash website that you have access to - your child's login details have been provided to you.
Practise number formation, using the rhymes we use at school.
Familiarise yourself with the Early Learning Goals (where most children will be by the end of Year R)
Encourage your child to write as much as possible and remind them to use correct letter formation.
Take a look on Pinterest.  There LOTS of good ideas for making learning fun, especially for phonics and maths.