Young Watchers

At Hook Infant School we were very honoured to have been chosen as the first school in Hampshire to run a Neighbourhood Watch Group with our children.

At the beginning of each new school year one child from each Year 1 and Year 2 class are nominated by their classmates to be their representative as a Young Watcher and when meeting together are proud to wear a Hook Infant Young Watcher Jacket.

The children are active in supporting tasks to help keep our school safe. This includes checking the playground equipment is safe, as well as checking the gates, fences and hedges are all secure.

The children are invited to site meetings that are held with the Caretaker, School Governors and the Head Teacher to walk around the school grounds to discuss the school grounds and how we can work together to keep ourselves safe at school.

The children discuss and share ideas with their own classes about keeping safe at school and in the playground and are encouraged to report back any concerns they have.

The Young Watcher group help to support our whole school ‘Walk to School’ initiative run alongside Hampshire County Council by the Living Streets charity. They hold badge competitions, a ‘Walk to School’ Competition week and have been successful in supporting our Reception classes bid in winning a new scooter pod for all their hard work in encouraging the Reception Year pupils to engage in regular active travel to and from school.

The Young Watcher group hold assemblies with the whole school, they include supporting safe walking to school, encouraging parents parking off site using posters and encourage our daily class Living Streets active travel WOW program.

Our Young Watchers are active in encouraging a litter free environment around our school. We are proud of all the Young Watchers in supporting our school to be a safe place for all pupils