Charlie's Blog

On Thursday 9 Oct 2017, Mrs Evans was on the phone in the office when she saw a hedgehog running past the door. She asked Mrs  Lochead and Mr West to investigate as it is unusual to see a hedgehog out during the day and it is often a sign that something is wrong.
They found the hedgehog and decided to catch it as it was a little wobbly on its legs. It had obvious parasites such as ticks and mites and was very underweight and they decided to take it to a wildlife hospital later that day. They enlisted the help of the children attending the Wild Things after school club to weigh the hedgehog and to help make it as comfortable as possible. It was very underweight at just over 200gms and Mrs Lochead went out to the local petshop to buy some wet cat food so that we could encourage it to eat. Two of the girls suggested the name Charlie and we all thought it would be a good name to adopt. Charlie was taken to Hart Wildlife Hospital at Medstead, near Alton who told us that he was a boy and confirmed that he was very underweight. Hart Wildlife will look after Charlieover the winter, but have said that he can come back to the school in the spring.
If you would like to learn more about Hart Wildlife, you can visit their website via the link on the right. They also have a Just Giving page and a Facebook profile where you can follow some of the animals they take in. I have posted some photos of Charlie in school and at the wildlife hospital on the right and will add more information on his progress as we find it out.
13 Nov 2017 NEWSFLASH
Hart Wildlife have told us that Charlie is putting on weight and is on a weeks medication for lungworm, which he has probably picked up by eating infected slugs. After this they will test him again to seem if he is getting better.
Watch this space for more news as we get it!
Update 15/12/2017
Charlie has increased his weight from the 200g when he was admitted to Hart Wildlife Rescue at the start of October and is now over 400g. He has almost recovered and is off medication now, so will hopefully be heading to a hedgehog foster home soon to overwinter.
We will let you know how he gets on in the spring.
Great news! Charlie was released in the late spring after recovering from all of his problems. He was living with a foster family for several months before being released nearby.
 We hope Charlie had a great summer.