How much are we Recycling at Hook Infants?

Since September we have stopped all this going to landfill or incineration. Almost all of it is now being used to make new products and saving valuable resources and energy.

Batteries 16.2 kgs to date 
Ali Ring Pulls for PCF Almost 1 kg !!! Large shoe box full
Crisp Packets  8.5 kg so far  (no Aldi / Lidl) please
Bread Bags and LDPE stretchy
20 kgs inc school fruit bags
Cardboard via SUEZ
Several tonnes
School Plastic Trays (old) via FreeCycle 44
Old reading books via St Michaels Hospice 11 boxes
Carex Soap dispenser bottles (via Terracycle point Tadley) 102
Fluorescent Tubes via County Supplies 62+
Plus various other printer cartridges, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, pallets, etc. See more details below.

More recycling and less landfill

School has always recycled waste paper and cardboard and plastic milk bottles etc. This term we have added other waste items to our recycling efforts. We collect batteries and bread bags now. We even collect drinks can ring pulls and crisp packets. Please feel free to join in and encourage our children to recycle these items whenever they can.

So how do these schemes work.

The aluminium ring pulls are for the Purple Community Fund which send them to some very poor communities in countries such as Philippines and Tanzania. Destitute families that try and survive on waste tips, make craft items from the ring pulls, which they then sell to earn a living. Each ring pull can be worth 3 pence when made into a ‘designer’ clutch bag. You can buy these products. A very ‘green’ and thoughtful gift. See

Batteries are recycled as part of the E.R.P. program. The chemicals and metals are all separated and re-used saving them from landfill. Materials in batteries include cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, lithium and electrolytes. When thrown into household waste they end up in landfill. The battery casing corrodes and chemicals leach into the soil and make their way into our water supply. Eventually they reach the ocean.

Given that the U.K. throws away 600 million batteries a year - that’s 20,000 tonnes – it’s important that we try and recycle all our batteries. So why not get them to our school? Pop them in a paper bag and ask your child to recycle them with us. They will then be Green Champions.

Please remember that rechargeable batteries are much better for the environment.


The Walkers / Terracycle Crisp Packet Recycling scheme accepts many brands. Unfortunately ‘home’ brands such as Lidl or Aldi crisp packaging cannot be recycled.

These packets are cleaned, shredded, melted and made into pellets that go on to become new plastic items. Examples are outdoor furniture and decking, pallets, watering cans, flooring tiles and even playground surface covers.

We collect crisp packets within school and would welcome your packets from home as well. Please encourage your children to bring them in. It’s another waste stream we can divert from landfill to a useful new life. It will also show our children how to care for our environment.

Hovis have a Bread Bag Recycling Program run through Terracycle. Our kitchen and after school clubs contribute along with teachers. We would love parents and children to join in and divert yet more plastic from landfill to re-use. You are most welcome to send your bread bags into school.