Wild Things

Wild Things is the School's wildlife club which is run by the school's Mr West & Ms Heinneman and Mrs Lochead, who have both previously worked here. The club is held after school over 8 sessions per term. 
We focus on a range of wildlife topics based around fun activities, enjoying nature and the great outdoors. The children will learn about specific animal groups that can be found locally, such as bumblebees, ladybirds and spiders, as well as learning conservation techniques and skills such as recording, habitat creation and tool safety. Not every season is the same so tasks can vary each term and also year to year. Previously we have built hedgehog homes, minibeast hotels, survey equipment and boundary fencing.
From May 2021, Wild Things have become the 'Wilder committee' for our partnership with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, taking part in decision making to create a better habitat for wildlife in the school grounds.
We are also working on a blog, which will be coming soon. Click the link in the menu or watch this space.
Below, you can find a range of downloads we use in our Wild Things projects and some useful links that you can use at home.
Check out the Wildlife Watch website for lots of info on Watch activities. Visit their activity sheet page for loads of ideas that you can do at home.
The Hampshire & IoW Amphibian & Reptile Group (HIWARG) have lots of ID guides on their "Info and ID Guides" tab.
Test your detective skills to work out which animals left these stinkers. Will you be top of the plops?