Our Green School

At Hook Infant School, we are constantly looking at how we can change our school environment to benefit our children, the Hook community, local wildlife and ultimately our planet.
We have partnered up with a range of organisations to help us on our journey and encourage our children, parents and village community to join us as well.
The organisations we are working with include:
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust with Wilder Schools
  • Surfers Against Sewage with Plastic Free Schools
  • Woodland Trust with the Green Tree Award
See the additional pages on each initiative for more information. We have a range of groups within the school that meet the different objectives. These include:
The Green Team (imaginatively named, we know)
A staff team that oversees the delivery of the initiatives and plans additional activities and resources to increase outdoor learning experiences and opportunities within the school.
Our outdoor learning provision, a mix of curriculum lessons linked to the outdoors and hands on activities to encourage motivation and engagement. Staff have been trained to deliver a range of lessons using our outdoor areas.
School Council
Set up to allow the 'ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way a school is run' (Save the children, 1999).
The School Council is currently on hold during COVID restrictions, but have run the 'Trash Mobs' and will be involved in Wilder Schools 'Waste of Space' and other projects. See more about the School Council under the Curriculum tab  
Young Watchers

At the beginning of each new school year one child from each Year 1 and Year 2 class are nominated by their classmates to be their representative as a Young Watcher. The children are active in supporting tasks to help keep our school safe. This includes checking the playground equipment is safe, as well as checking the gates, fences and hedges are all secure. Our Young Watchers are active in encouraging a litter free environment around our school. 

Read more about the Young Watchers under the Curriculum tab 

Wild Things
Our school wildlife club. This group performs surveys, habitat creation and often helps with maintaining areas used by Trailblazers. Wild Things have recently created a few small wildflower areas as part of Wilder Schools "Waste of Space". The club identified areas that were not used for learning, and could be improved for wildlife. As we have just signed our "Pollinator Promise" to provide more space for pollinators in the school, we thought a good first step would be to add more wildflowers. Wild Things cleared and seeded some small patches around the staff car park. Look out for our "Don't step on me" signs.
See the School Development Plan for "Our Greener School" below: