Plastic Free Schools

Plastic Free Schools is a pupil-led, ground-breaking programme that equips children with the tools to understand the problems of single-use plastic, speak to politicians and eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic from their schools, for good.

In 2018, Damien Hinds, Education Secretary at the time, challenged all UK schools to become plastic-free by 2022, highlighting our programme as the way to do it. With over 2,000 school signed up (and counting) we have joined a movement that is making waves of change from beaches and playgrounds to the front benches of parliament.
COVID restrictions brought some of our activities to a halt last year, but we did manage to run several Trash Mobs with the School Council before last years lock down and we still managed to send over a hundred letters to our MP and will be challenging industry to do more to reduce single use plastic in the near future.
More to come soon :)