Tracks in the snow 1 Mar 2018

On Thursday 1 March the school was closed due to snow. A small group of staff opened up early in the morning to check the school grounds and buildings and to be on site should any parents or delveries turned up.
I took this opportunity to walk around the school grounds to look for any signs of animals leaving their tracks in the snow. There were quite a few tracks, but unfortunately most had been covered with the snow that followed. I have uploaded some of the tracks I found that were interesting, especially one very special visitor. You can view the photos on the right.
There were some very interesting small mammal tracks, but unfortunately the snow had already covered most of the paw prints. You can see their rough tracks though and there might have been two or three and it looks like they were playing or found something nice to eat under the snow. What do you think they found?
Our special visitor was a rabbit. It wandered through the school from the car park, through Year R's outside play area, across the field and out through the back gate. Maybe it was the Easter Rabbit checking up on our children before he arrives with the Easter Eggs?