Year 2 Computing - 3D Maze Games

In Computing lessons for the first half of the Autumn Term, Year 2 have been creating their own 3D maze games. The project started with the children evaluating 3D mazes created by another school and deciding which features worked best.
Working in pairs, the children created their maze, imported images for the walls, sky and in some cases the floor. They also created their own sprites, adding sounds and animation to match their own chosen theme. Finally they made their instructions on how to play their game so you can all enjoy them at home. We have shared the links to the display boards which are visible to the public and do not need a Purple Mash login to play.
Click one of the links opposite to visit a display board with the games. We hope you enjoy playing these games as much as the children enjoyed making them. Some games are less developed than others, but this is mainly down to the children learning how to accurately save and retrieve their data.