Celebrations and Festivals

4th October 2023

Dear Parents / Carers,

At Hook Infant School we hugely value and enjoy hearing about all the children’s experiences and celebrations both inside and outside of school.   As part of our Collective Worship and RE curriculum we aim to share a wide variety of religious celebrations and festivals.  It would be wonderful to hear about any celebrations your family are part of.

We would welcome the opportunity for your child to share their experiences with us.  As a first step to doing this we have placed a ‘Celebrations and Festivals’ book in the school entrance hall which your child could note their experiences in. Photographs and drawings are very much welcomed too. We have very much enjoyed learning about new festivals such as ‘Baba Marta’ which is a Bulgarian festival of Spring. Pop in and look at the Celebration book to find out more!

Our aim is to then share this experience with the children in the school to widen their knowledge and understanding of world religions and their peer’s experiences. We hope that we will discover a wealth of well kept ‘secrets’ in Hook that would enhance our children’s Collective Worship time and RE knowledge.


Mrs Rutherford

RE Manager