Prayer and Reflections Box

4th October 2023

In the entrance hall we have a school Prayer and Reflections Box. As part of our Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC) curriculum and Collective Worship in assemblies, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to share your children’s prayers and reflections if they would like to draw, write or have one scribed.

It is so lovely to see the children’s enthusiasm for the Prayer and Reflections Box and it is a joy to be able to share the children’s thoughts in assembly.  

It is wonderful when prayers and reflections are written or drawn at home so you can share in your child’s spiritual development. If you could help your child name, date and put their class on their prayer that would be so helpful. Also please can we ask a grown-up to sign the prayer so we know you have seen it.

Occasionally the Prayer and Reflections Box gets very full so the prayers are sorted into classes and shared in the classroom. The children will receive a sticker and put their work in the designated year file.

The files are in the entrance hall for you to view the prayers and reflections shared in assembly. They are so lovely and well worth a look.

Thank you as always for your ongoing support.

Mrs Rutherford

RE Manager