Prayer Box Information

16th March 2023
Dear Parents / Carers,

At Hook Infant School we hugely value and enjoy hearing about all the children’s experiences and celebrations both inside and outside of school. As part of our collective worship and RE curriculum we aim to share a wide variety of religious celebrations and festivals. It would be wonderful to hear about any celebrations your family are part of.

We would welcome the opportunity for your child to share their experiences with us. As a first step to doing this we have placed a ‘Celebrations and Festivals’ book in the school entrance hall which your child could note their experiences in. Photographs and drawings are very much welcomed too. We have very much enjoyed learning about ‘Baba Marta’ in Year R recently which is a Bulgarian festival of Spring. Pop in and look at the Celebration book to find out more!

Our aim is to then share this experience with the children in the school to widen their knowledge and understanding of world religions and their peer’s experiences. We hope that we will discover a wealth of well kept ‘secrets’ in Hook that would enhance our children’s Collective Worship time and RE knowledge.

Following on from this, in the school entrance hall we have a school Prayer Box. As part of our R.E curriculum we feel privileged to have the opportunity to share your children’s prayers if they would like to write one. It has been so lovely to see the children’s enthusiasm for the Prayer Box and it is a joy to be able to share the prayers written in assembly.

It is wonderful when prayers are written at home and in school however we ask that the children bring their prayers home before they go in the Prayer Box so you can share in your child’s spiritual development. If you could help your child name, date and put their class on their prayer that would be so helpful. Please can you also sign the prayer to indicate that you have seen it.

Occasionally the Prayer Box gets very full so the prayers are sorted into classes and shared in the classroom. The children will receive a sticker and put their prayer in the designated year file.
The Prayer Files are in the entrance hall for you to view the prayers shared in assembly. They are so lovely and well worth a look.

Thank you as always for your support.

Mrs Rutherford
RE Manager