Wild Things Summer Term 2023

25th April 2023

Wild Things – Summer Term 2023  


The school’s wildlife club ‘Wild Things’ will be starting its Summer Term sessions on Wednesday 3 May. Mr West, Mrs Lochead and Mrs Heinemann run the club from 3.10pm to 4.30pm over eight sessions across the term.   


Each session looks at a specific wildlife topic such as identifying a range of animals and plants, learning about habitats and habitat creation and a whole range of fun activities based around enjoying nature. The emphasis will be focussed on learning about wildlife and conservation and it is essential that your child has a considerable interest in conservation and wildlife in order to get the most from this club, as it is not a free-play activity. The children should be able to follow instructions and take part in hands on outdoor activities (including tool use) and in all weather.   


There is a £10 charge per child for the whole term to help us to fund the group for purchasing equipment and materials. All children must bring in sturdy/rough shoes, outdoor clothes (legs must be covered to protect against stinging nettles etc) and a waterproof coat as we will be spending a lot of our time on outdoor practical activities and the children are likely to get muddy or messy.    


The club is for children in Year 1 and 2 and we have eighteen spaces available for the term.    

Please do not send in any money until we notify you that your child has a place, as Wild Things can be a very popular club.   


The dates for the Summer Term sessions are:   

Summer Term 1 

Weds 3 May

Weds 10 May

Weds 17 May

Weds 24 May 

Summer Term 2 

Weds 7 June

Weds 14 June

Weds 21 June

Weds 28 June


If your child is keen to learn about wildlife and would like to join our Summer Term sessions please register your interest by emailing office@hook-inf.hants.sch.uk, with the subject title "Wild Things" before 3pm on Friday 28 April. We will shortlist the children for the available spaces and notify you via Parentmail if you are successful securing a place for your child.   


Best regards   

The Wild Things Team