Newsletter 6 Jan 2023

6th January 2023
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Hook Infant School

Newsletter 6th January 2023 for all the latest dates and curriculum news


Happy New Year

Welcome back to the Spring Term. This term we have been thinking about the wellbeing of our children, parents and community and we are delighted to announce a new project we are trialling, called the Green Fingers Café. Please read the article below for full details and dates. To help with elements of the project, we are hoping to gather together a range of garden tools, such as spades, forks, hoes, rakes, shears and other similar hand tools. If you have any of these tools that you no longer need and are willing to donate them to Hook Infant School, we would be extremely grateful. They will be put to great use with the Green Fingers Cafe project, as well as with the children's outdoor learning activities.


Activities for children at lunchtime have been updated and new playground “areas and zones” have been created. Why not ask your child about which zone they have visited today?


The area by the bushes next to the slide is called the Football Fan Zone. This is an area where children can watch the football but not participate. The area where children play football at lunchtime is just in front of this.


The area that used to be the quiet area is now called the Sensory Area. During lunchtimes children will be able to make things using natural resources and participate in sensory activities. Some photos of your children using this area have been included within this newsletter.


The Playdale equipment will be used by Year 1 and 2 at lunchtime. Any climbing and cartwheels will be done on this soft surface but it is not for use before and after school.


The Friendship Bench is now in front of the covered area. This is temporary until a new L shaped metal bench is built where the old area used to be.

The Quiet Area is now the covered area next to the Year 2 block. This area has books to read and some board games. It is not for running.

The Thinking Bench is the long bench area in the middle of the playground. Staff on duty will ask children to sit here to think about any activity where they have made the wrong choice. The staff on duty will have a restorative conversation with these children on the playground before they return to play after 5 minutes.  Any non-negotiable behaviour will be followed up with a playtime letter home.

Playground Buddies from Year 2 will be starting to help in the playground. They will introduce games to the children which have been taught to them by Mrs Heath. They have a visible sash and will also be there to help other children.

We hope that your children enjoy their new lunchtime playtimes with much more to do to keep them happy.


2023 Year R Application Deadline 

If your child was born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019, they are due to start school in the school year beginning September 2023, your application must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 15 January 2023 , can we urge you to apply online at, as late applications are not always successful.  



Diary Dates

Updates will be marked in a different colour

09/01/23  Year R parents workshop  - Phase 4 phonics workshop 2.15pm

10/02/23  Year 1 work sharing event 2.40pm  -  more details to follow

13/02/23  17/02/23 Half Term Break

24/02/23  Year R parents workshop  -  Maths workshop 2.15pm

01/03/23  HSCA Bags to School collection 9am

02/03/23  World Book Day  -  Dress up in your pyjamas—more details to follow

07/03/23  Parent Consultations 3.30pm  -  7.00pm, booking via Parentmail to follow

09/03/23  Parent Consultations 3.30pm  -  7.00pm, booking via Parentmail to follow

14/03/23  HSCA Mothers Day sale

17/03/23  Red Nose Day

27/03/23  Year R Easter craft afternoon—details to follow

28/03/23  Year 1 Easter craft afternoon—details to follow

29/03/23  Year 2 Easter craft afternoon—details to follow

31/03/23  Children Break up for Easter Break at 1.15pm

17/04/23  Children return to school for Summer Term



Class Assembly rota:

13/01/23  -  Penguin Class , 20/01/23  -  Butterfly Class, 27/01/23  -  Owl Class,

03/02/23  -  Dragonfly Class, 10/02/23  -  Flamingo Class


Clubs at Hook Infant School

Every day Breakfast and After school Club run by Koosa Kids

Monday before school             Judo in Hook Junior School hall

Tuesday before school            Gymnastics in Hook Junior School hall

Tuesday after school              Little Voices in Butterfly Class and Dragonfly Class

Tuesday after school              French in Hedgehog room

Wednesday after school         Wild Things in Hedgehog room: Year 1 and Year 2

Wednesday after school         French  in Seahorse Class

Thursday after school            Football Club Year 1

Friday after school                 Football Club Year 2

Before and after school daily Koosa Kids wraparound care


The school office can be contacted by phone between 8am and 3.30pm on 01256 764487. Leave a message if we don’t answer as we may be helping another family on the other line.

Alternatively, you can email the school office so your questions can be directed to the correct member of staff via (this is monitored during school hours).


If you would like to speak to your child’s class teacher please let the office know and your child’s class teacher will arrange a telephone call or appointment to see you.  Appointments can be made at 2.45pm from Monday to Thursday.


Safeguarding your children is our priority. Please contact the schools Designated Safeguarding Leads, either Mrs M Walker (Headteacher), Mrs L Hannan (Deputy Headteacher) or Mr P West with any concerns. Further Safeguarding information and support can be found via or Childline 0800 1111


Any concerns may also be raised directly with Hampshire County Council Children’s services phone line (anonymously if you wish) by calling 0300 555 1384. Keeping our children safe is everyone’s responsibility.


Green Fingers Café

We are starting an exciting new project here at Hook Infant School called Green Fingers Café for parents/ carers and members of the Hook community to come into school for an hour between 9:00am and 10:00am on a Friday once per half term, to join in with a selection of activities including a friendly chat, some light gardening tasks, access to a computer etc., and ending with refreshments. The aim is to provide an opportunity to join us in an enjoyable atmosphere and to meet other parents/carers and members of the Hook community. It is hoped that through maintaining our wonderful school grounds, it will benefit personal wellbeing, help to build friendships, provide a chance to meet other members of the school community, and give access to online information and support as needed.


As this is a trial project, spaces will be limited to ten people and we will be taking reservations two weeks before each session via the email below, or by contacting the school office on 01256 764487. This is an opportunity for adults only to come together and regrettably, it is not appropriate for pre-school children to attend. However, if you do have occasional childcare issues then please contact us for a chat. Mrs Hannan and Mr West will be leading this trial project and will happily greet you on arrival to the main school office at 9:00am. For the gardening tasks, please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear and if you have any spare tools please bring them along too.

Please email with the subject heading ‘Green Fingers Café’, or call us on 01256 764487 at least two days before each session, and kindly let us know if you have any of the following: 

  • Allergies or dietary requirements, including anything that may affect you when handling plants, or soil etc. 
  • Any physical or access requirements we would need to be aware of. 

We have planned the following sessions:

  •          Friday 3rd February 2023
  •          Friday 24th March 2023
  •          Friday 19th May 2023
  •          Friday 14th July 2023


We look forward to welcoming you to the Green Finger Café